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Department of International Relations

Department of International Relations
Course Code Title Syllabus
Core Courses PSA 600 THESIS WRITING This course aims to guide students through the thesis process.
PSA 601 INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS THEORY This course surveys concepts and theories that are essential to understanding international relations.
PSA 602 FOREIGN POLICY PROCESS This course investigates various facets of foreign policy process.
PSA 700 SEMINAR ON THESIS RESEARCH This course teaches essential elements of designing and conducting thesis research.
Major Courses PSA 612 KOREAN SECURITY POLICY This course examines Korea’s security policy from a historical perspective and explores policy alternatives for solving its security problems.
PSA 613 INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION This course analyzes the origins and functions of international organizations, and assesses their efficacies and limitations.
PSA 614 KOREAN FOREIGN POLICY This course diagnoses the direction and deficiency of Korean foreign policy, and explores effective ways of readjusting the policy to the changing international environment.
PSA 616 AMERICAN FOREIGN POLICY This course investigates key elements underpinning American foreign policy, and analyzes America’s international roles and global strategies over the post-Cold War era.
PSA 617 JAPANESE FOREIGN POLICY This course investigates Japan’s foreign relations and contemporary efforts to expand its international-political roles.
PSA 618 CHINESE FOREIGN POLICY This course examines key international challenges confronting China and its strategy for meeting them.
PSA 619 RUSSIAN FOREIGN POLICY This course analyzes Russia’s foreign policy and international position.
PSA 621 INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS OF THE MIDDLE EAST This course investigates international relations of the Middle East afflicted with various conflicts.
PSA 622 INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS OF LATIN AMERICA This course investigates international relations of Latin America.
PSA 623 INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS OF SOUTHEAST ASIA This course analyzes international relations of Southeast Asia.
PSA 624 INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS OF AFRICA This course analyzes international relations of the African continent.
PSA 625 INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS OF SOUTHWEST ASIA This course investigates international relations of Southwest Asia.
PSA 626 MILITARY STRATEGY This course surveys a variety of military strategies employed for national security, and explores strategies for coping with contemporary security threats.
PSA 627 INTERNATIONAL LAW This course examines essential concepts and theories, empirical examples, and key debates relating to international laws.
PSA 628 CONTEMPORARY INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS This course investigates selected issues facing the international society and explores possible ways for resolving them.
PSA 629 KOREAN ECONOMIC POLICY This course examines how Korean economy is interconnected with world economy and charts courses for Korea’s economic policy.
PSA 630 NORTH KOREAN FOREIGN POLICY This course investigates the goals, means, and processes of North Korean foreign policy.
PSA 633 DIPLOMACY AND NEGOTIATION This course surveys institutions for diplomacy and methods for international negotiation.
PSA 635 KOREAN REUNIFICATION This course assesses the efficacy and limitation of various unification policies, and explores policy options suitable for the Korean peninsula.
PSA 636 EUROPEAN INTEGRATION This course aims to analyze regional integration in Europe.
PSA 637 INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS OF CENTRAL ASIA This course investigates international relations of Central Asia.
PSA 638 INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS OF EASTERN EUROPE This course examines international relations of Eastern Europe.
PSA 639 INTER-KOREAN SOCIAL INTEGRATION This course explores pathways for social integration between the two Koreas.